August 30, 2016

Employing people from outside the EU set to become more difficult

Hiring people from outside of Europe is about to get considerably more difficult over the coming months, thanks to new Government legislation that puts up additional roadblocks for non-EU workers to legally work in the UK.

Proposed new laws are making immigration into the UK from other parts of the world a lot more difficult than it used to be, and companies are set to face further hurdles when it comes to hiring staff who don’t hail from a location within Europe.

Recent studies have revealed that there is a considerable skills shortage right now in the UK job industry, and many businesses have been turning to people outside Britain in an attempt to recruit individuals with the ability and know-how to benefit the company. Recruiting firms may now be forced to settle for less able candidates from the UK rather than better-suited candidates from outside Europe.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has advised the Government that it needs to tighten immigration laws in order to avoid facing difficulties further down the line, and it is highly likely that the Government will examine and restrict the UK’s immigration policy as a result.

However, all of the above points to a bigger problem – the UK appears to have far too many jobseekers without the necessary skills to make an active and positive contribution to vacant roles. Businesses have been relying on foreign workers to provide the necessary skillsets for some time now, but this may be set to change as immigration policies are reviewed and rewritten.


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