August 30, 2016

Recruitment start-ups flourishing in UK

The UK finance sector has been enjoying 2016 more than any other industry in the country, recent research has revealed.

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies has conducted a study that shows the number of available roles in the finance industry is up by 12 per cent from January 2015, with the number of both temporary and permanent positions in this sector increasing in a 12-month period.

The average salary across the finance sector has also boosted since this time last year – moving up 4.2 per cent overall. Banking job wages in particular enjoyed a considerable increase – moving up by almost 5 per cent more than they were at the turn of 2015.

These look to be exciting times for everyone involved in the British finance industry. Apsco (the firm that supported the study findings) Chief Executive Ann Swain has even stated that the UK finance workforce is now at an “all-time record high.”

Interestingly, opportunities and growth in the finance sector have not just occurred in Britain’s capital city. Swain reiterated this point, claiming that firms such as Merrill Lynch and Investec are continuing to create a wide range of great opportunities outside the capital.

There appears to be a thrilling range of job openings and prospects for those with degrees and experience in the finance sector during 2016, and those who have mulled over a career in banking might have their best opportunity to land a position in this field during these next few months.


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