August 30, 2016

Most common screening candidate mistakes

It’s not just the candidate who has to be on top of their game when applying for a vacant role at a company. The recruiter also needs to ensure that they’re on the ball. Listed here are the biggest screening candidate mistakes that recruiters tend to make when interviewing for a role.

Sticking to a set-list of questions

Different roles require different interview questions, but employers often opt to select a by-the-numbers list of questions that may in fact be completely irrelevant. If you don’t ask the right questions, you won’t get the right person for the job – it really is as simple as that.

Assuming references are fine

Recruiters should always, always, always check references. Simply guessing that a candidate’s references are glowing is a dangerous assumption to make. These references might reveal a lot about the person overall, and could end up showing that they aren’t the right person for the job – despite a sparkling CV and a competent interview.

Failing to talk about the company and “sell” it to the candidate

Remember that candidates are often applying for numerous different roles at various companies when they’re seeking a new position. If a recruiter fails to “sell” the position and business to a potential employee, then that person will decide the position probably isn’t for them after all. Nobody wants to work for a company that’s cryptic and vague.

Rushing the process

It’s tempting to rush the entire recruitment process in an attempt to bring somebody aboard as quickly as possible – especially if an employee has left in a hurry and there’s an important gap to fill. Companies make this mistake all the time, and it really is an easy one to avoid. The recruitment process ought to be a patient one. Rushing through it will cause all kinds of problems in the long run.


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