August 30, 2016

Recruitment start-ups flourishing in UK

Recent research has revealed that the British recruitment start-up industry is now the third biggest in the world after more than 5,000 new businesses sprung up over the course of 2015. The study was conducted by Sonovate – itself a company that operates within the field of recruitment and has been enjoying success since 2012 (the required data was gathered from Companies House).

These latest statistics prove that more British entrepreneurs are quickly turning to the recruitment industry for starting up a brand new business. The UK recruitment industry is now rumoured to be valued at as much as nearly £32 billion, which means it is now behind only Japan and America in terms of size and wealth.

Sonovate CEO Richard Prime voiced his thoughts on the stats, stating: “The way people work is changing. With the well-documented skills shortage more and more skilled workers now view contract work as both an attractive and lucrative form of employment. This presents a huge opportunity for recruitment companies but crucially they need the right finance to help them succeed.”

The figures produced by Sonovate support an earlier study conducted by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, which claimed that 2015 was the UK recruitment industry’s finest year on record. The industry is continuing to experience exciting new changes during 2016, which may lead to further growth over the course of the year.

The UK recruitment industry is flourishing, and recruitment start-ups are enjoying a period of success like never seen before. Now may be the time to take a look at getting involved in recruitment and taking advantage of the benefits.


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