August 30, 2016

UK businesses still not utilising social media recruitment

Businesses in the UK are still not using social media to the best of its ability when it comes to recruiting new members of staff, a recent survey has revealed.

Communications and marketing agency Southerly, and human resources transformation consultancy Veran Performance, have produced a report highlighting how organisations are lacking tact and know-how when it comes to recruiting via the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

The report revealed that 37 per cent of companies do not have a careers page, and 20 per cent do not use social media when it comes to hiring new employees. These statistics are somewhat jarring when you take into account the staggeringly high use of social media by the British public – many of whom may be actively seeking potential new jobs when they log into their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Although social media is able to enhance and streamline business recruitment procedures in a wide variety of ways, several companies are still refusing to engage with it in favour of opting for traditional recruitment methods. This is somewhat bizarre given how a single page on Facebook has the ability to attract hundreds of talented applicants for a particular position, and a single tweet on Twitter may be shared dozens of times.

Video content on Snapchat and imagery on Instagram also has the ability to make a particular organisation look  the way a business owner wants it to look. By creating the right picture and the right brand image, the right kind of applicants will apply for the right positions.

Veran Performance and Southerly are planning to launch this report on the link between business recruitment and social media on an annual basis, which should help to reveal whether UK companies are warming to the concept of hiring new staff via social media channels as the years go by.


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