Why Altra Executives are a little different

Each one of our company policies is holistic – which consequently helps build a positive connection between our candidates, our clients and us. We are the kind of rare approachable large corporate who believe that being honest and up-front with candidates is the best way to conduct business. The foundations of a great company are happy and contented employees who are right for their roles, and we search high and low for the people who we believe will help to add value to the positions that our clients currently have on offer.

In the eyes of Altra Executives, candidates for jobs aren’t simply numbers - they are people with hopes, dreams, ambitions and talent. Everyone is different, and our responsibility as a business is to dig a little deeper to discover more about what particular talents and dreams each of these candidates have. We use this information to locate the perfect roles for candidates, introducing them to organisations that they are, quite simply, tailor-made for.

We are practical

We’re practical:

We assess where candidates currently are in their lives, and offer them the specific kind of support that will benefit them at this particular stage of their career.

We are realistic

We’re realistic:

We never go overboard or stretch the truth in any way, shape or form. Altra Executives are realistic. If candidates are qualified for a certain position with one of our clients, then we will look into the matter further: If they are not, we will look elsewhere.

We are efficient

We’re economic and efficient:

What we mean by this is that we never waste anybody’s time. Pushing someone towards a job they are unsuitable for will not only reflect badly on us as a recruitment agency, it’ll also create a detrimental domino effect for both candidate and client.

We have something for everything

We have something for everyone:

Our base of clients is so expansive that there really is something for everyone. After signing up with Altra Executives, you won’t have to wait long until we come knocking on your door with a suitable position.

We care

We care:

Unlike many big faceless corporations out there in the world today, we care about our customers and clients. We aim to offer the kind of solution that will help everyone.


Get in touch with one of our customer representatives today, and Altra Executives will find you the kind of position you’ve always dreamed of. Jobs don’t have to be dull, monotonous chores sandwiched between weekends. You need to start recognising your career for what it truly is – a wonderful, colourful journey.

Consider us as your trusty tour guide – the supportive company that’ll help you to stay on the right track and ensure that you take the path that’ll get you to the place you want to go in life.